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こんにちは! はじめまして。

Konnichiwa! Hajimemashite.

Hello! Nice to meet you.

What is it about Japan that captivated you? Do you like Japanese Food, Arts and Culture, Sports? Are you interested in building a life here?

Whatever it is, we’re sure that you’d be delighted as we share with you a FREE Course!

Yes, this is ABSOLUTELY FREE! There’s no catch.

We just want to introduce AlphaGENIUS and share this opportunity of learning Japanese with us!

AlphaGENIUS is a boutique language learning company specializing in teaching Japanese and English as Second Language. We are devoting our expertise to reach those who seek change in their lives, either personally or professionally, and those that have chosen to learn a new language as part of their road map personal fulfillment.

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The BARE ESSENTIALS Course is light and easy. We'll get you speaking some essential Japanese greetings, vocabulary and grammar. It's perfect for those that want to travel to Japan! You'll also appreciate more of Japanese movies or anime, when you don't have to look at the captions or subtitles every time! And if you are seriously interested in living in Japan, and perhaps making a happy life for yourself here, this course is the perfect introduction.

As a bonus for completing the Free course, we'll give you a discount on our other courses, which will also be available soon.

If you're interested to further learn Japanese and avail of our other services, let us know and we'll schedule a FREE Consultation. Let's talk about creating a unique learning experience for you with one of our teachers. Just fill-up the form on this page, and let's schedule a talk.

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