Core Concept : Follow the learner and the learning will follow.

“Follow the learner and the learning will follow.”

Empowerment is very important to me.  My best students have always clearly understood themselves to be the boss … even when they were receptionists or interns. My best corporate clients always hired me because they wanted me to meet the particular needs of their employees. You know that a text book is right when the learner puts it down for a moment and asks you a question you never would have anticipated. You know that the curriculum is right when the learner says “very interesting, but I really want to talk about ….” Over the course of my career, I have learned and relearned that the only way to teach well is to follow the learner.

I founded AlphaGENIUS because I wanted to craft a unique and special learning experience for each learner that my team works with, and I wanted to marshal all necessary resources towards making sure that the program suits each learner’s needs precisely.

Peter Ackerly
Founder & CEO of AlphaGENIUS