Jessica Latherow. Course Content Developer.

AlphaGENIUS Instructor - Jessica LatherowHello everyone. I’m Jessica Latherow and I’m one of the course content developers for this program. I am from Florida and I graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in EALL: Japanese and a BS in psychology. I studied in Tokyo for a year, finding my place and home here in Japan. I became interested in the field of education during my studies and I now work for a private high school here in Tokyo as the lead English communications teacher. I’m nearly finished with my Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and I have been living in Japan for nearly 4 years. I also work as a part-time translator, J -> E mostly, but I do some E -> J as well. I love learning languages and I’m currently working on improving my French and learning Russian. My goal is to use all of my language skills while volunteering in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

I absolutely love Japan and the Japanese language. Throughout this course, my goal is to engage learners and give them many tools for learning Japanese so they can be prepared for when they come to Japan. At any time, please feel free to address me any questions or suggestions for the course. I enjoy course building quite a lot and am always looking for ways to improve.