Ryuzaburo Naruse (Dragon)

AlphaGENIUS Instructor - Ryuzaburo Naruse (Dragon)Ryuzaburo Naruse (a.k.a. Dragon) is a singer, musician, musical adviser. Born and raised in Tokyo, his musicality started at the age of 4 when his mother taught him to play the Ukulele. He learned the guitar and started composing by the age of 11, and started performing in a few original and cover Rock bands at age 15. He got influenced in Jazz at the age of 25 and started teaching in a vocal school at the age of 28. In 2008, he decided to go to Australia to express his skill and passion of Music worldwide, at the age of 32, and he just got back to Japan early March this year. Dragon brings in his musicality to the AlphaGENIUS Learning System.

After over 10 years of teaching music in Japan and Australia, I realized that music and language are quite similar by many way. And some students requested me to teach them English or Japanese with singing. I believe that really builds up English skills and it is like common sense to using songs to lean language for many people who speak second language. It resonates your body as music and easy to stuck inside of you.